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Rooting Happiness 

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Rooting Happiness 


A place to find long lasting happiness within you!



Our life is an amalgamation of our thoughts, beliefs, emotions and actions. We tend to focus more on our material success and physical health. But we forget that our emotions are equally important. Both our material success and our physical health are closely connected to our mental state of well-being. We relate to the outside world through our inner perceptions and experiences. 

This makes it absolutely necessary to focus on our emotional growth. Here at Rooting Happiness, our mission is to help you cross the bridge between emotional health and life satisfaction. We want people to get aware about how their own thoughts are shaping their world. If they don't like their reality, they have power to change it. An awareness of our inner worlds can help us operate better in our outer world.


Rooting Happiness is here to help you explore your world with a fresh perspective and view your self in a different light.



"Growth is the process of responding positively to change" -  Paul Harvey


Therapy Sessions
About the Founder

Anushri Shah is a Counseling Psychologist with more than 10 years of experience in the field of Mental Health. She has a masters in Counseling Psychology and has since worked with various age groups with emotional or behavioral concerns. She believes that every person deserves the right to have a happy and fulfilling life.


She advocates that LOVE and FORGIVENESS is at the core of well-being. Her friendly and compassionate nature makes her easily approachable. Anushri follows a good ethical practice and maintains high levels of client confidentiality.


Get the Support here

Emotional well being is an important part of our life. A lot is dependent on how healthy we feel emotionally and mentally and how we relate to ourselves and the world. By booking your first consultation, you will be giving yourself the gift of a bright future. We are there to hold you through your journey and provide unconditional support. 




Self Esteem


Fears and Phobias




Body Image



Anushri has been very patient through all the sessions. I was going through many difficult emotions in the sessions. But she held me gently through it all. She helped through EFT and introduced Inner Child Healing to me. It has helped me immensely and I am still practicing it daily as guided by her. 

Ammu, Age 33 years

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