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Couples Therapy
Exchanging Rings

Couples therapy or counselling is a space where two people can discuss with an expert about their feelings and perspectives about their interpersonal relationships. A couple is more than  two people living together. A couple is a team. It takes team effort to keep the relationship going strong and smooth. 

Although, even with the best of efforts, all couples go through phases of ups and downs. Sometimes there are questions that crop up in the mind that cannot be easily answered or understood by one another. At those times, seeking help of a counselor can bring some clarity in the chaos of the mind. 

Our counselors help by listening to both parties in an objective and unbiased manner. It helps both people to express their fears, doubts, desires freely with the therapist. Once we have heard both people individually, we then help the couple find ways in which they find a mutual ground to express their wishes and needs in the relationship. COMMUNICATION being the most important aspect of any relationship,  we teach the couple how to communicate effectively to be able to express and ask for what they want from each other. Thus couples learns to communicate effectively and are able to make their relationship grow stronger. 

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