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Individual counselling is a one on one based counselling set up, where a person gets the much needed non judgmental and confidential space to share his or her personal, professional, social or any other experiences. 

Generally when we are going through a difficult phase in our life, we reach out to the ones closest to us. They listen to us but sometimes fail to understand the exact state of our minds or what we are going through. They may try to console us, advice us and most of it is from their own understanding. But sometimes, advising or consoling is not enough. Especially  when we are looking for somebody to listen and be objective and unbiased.


This is where a Psychologist can help. A Psychologist is trained to  understand one situation from many different perspectives and helps the client do the same. In about 6 to 12 sessions, depending on each client, they teach clients various coping skills so that it becomes easier to face the difficult situation. They may also make clients aware of certain behavioural and emotional response patterns that may be contributing to the problem and empower them towards change. Their ability to not judge a person based on his or her choices makes the client more comfortable in sharing and opening up to them. Thus individual counselling sessions prove beneficial in increasing overall growth and productivity. 

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