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About the founder
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Anushri Shah is a Counseling Psychologist and has been working in the field of Mental Health for over 9 years. Her curiosity about why people behave the way they do led her to study the subject of Psychology. 

She started her healing journey with accepting her Facial Palsy. It made her believe that 'self-love' and 'unconditional acceptance' as not just fancy terms but something that can be practiced daily. Since then Anushri has become more of an advocate on embracing one's imperfections and falling in love with themselves. Her love for Psychology combined with the passion to help others, motivates her to serve those looking for help. 

Over the years, she has built a diverse kit of potent skills and techniques that she effectively uses in Counseling and Therapy. Her clientele include adults, children, adolescents and geriatric individuals. Depending on their needs, the sessions are conducted on an individual base, in a  group and/or in the family setting. She has adapted to the changing times with taking online sessions on different platforms. 

She deals with issues like - Depression, Trauma-based Anxiety and General Anxiety Disorder (GAD), grief, body-image issues, confidence building, Relationships and Marriage Counseling. 

Her empathy, compassion, openness and sensitivity during therapy is what makes her friendly and approachable. She follows strict ethical guidelines of client confidentiality. 

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