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Our Approach

Hand Holding a Plant

Rooting Happiness is an initiative by Anushri Shah. It was started to serve people like her who are tired of carrying their worries and want a safe place to express them and find peace again. We all go through challenges in life. Some of these challenges are mundane and can be handled by talking to our spouses, parents, friends and others close to us. Some however are more complex and require a keen listening ear and non-judgmental guidance and feedback. Rooting Happiness is just the place for that.

Here we focus on a holistic approach to well-being. We take pride in our ability to connect with all age groups and provide them with emotional, physical, mental as well as spiritual tools, for their journey to be enjoyable. We adopt an eclectic approach to therapy as we understand one size does not fit all. At Rooting Happiness we believe every person has the potential of being their best selves and we guide them in unlocking their own secrets to empowerment. 

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